Britney Spears - Break The Ice

Weird Al Yankovic Parodies Lady Gagas Born This Way

Michael Jackson - Beat It

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream Music Video

Amazing kid guitarist

Classical Barbie Girl

Muppets Sing Shimmy Shimmy Ya

The Four Squeezins Play Flinstones/Funiculi Funicula

Elements - Dubstep Violin - Lindsey Stirling

Def Leppard- CMon, CMon

Sarah Bettens - Chasing Cars

Dance Like Theres No Tomorrow- Paula Abdul

Animal Rap with Visuals to Match

Music Made with Jeans

Beyonce - Sweet Dreams Music Video

Alanis Morissette My Humps

San Diego Comic Con - Cosplay Music

Avril Lavigne - When Youre Gone

Jennifer Hudson - If This Isnt Love

Homeless Guy Sings on Stage