Kesennuma Port Ravaged by Tsunami

Capturing an Alligator in a Pool

Sulpher Hexafluoride Heavier Than Air

Opening 5 Beers at the Same Time

Things in Reverse

Wanted Movie - Mr. X is Attacked by Rooftop Assassins

Slow Motion Popcorn

Quadrotor with Machine Gun

Webcam Music Video

Teen Repays Dads Debt

Water Slinky

car interiors fabric-Gucci fabric,LV fabric.Coach fabric,etc

Yelling at Spider

Cutting Down a Tree Branch Surprise

Train Derailment Causes Giant Explosion

Blindfolded Sword Skills

Cutting Pencil with Thrown Playing Card

Light Powered Rube Goldberg Device

Whale Checks Out Underwater Photographers

US Navy Railgun Demonstration